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Mooney Eagle (M20S)

In July of 1999 I had the chance to fly a brand new Mooney Eagle, the M20S, courtesy of Gary Newhard and ASI-Aero Services (612/941-2595) based out of Minneapolis Flying Cloud Airport (FCM). All I can say is, "What a machine!" Here are a few pictures for your enjoyment. Click on the images to display a much larger version, best viewed with 800x600.

 The Eagle is a classic Mooney with great lines and some aerodynamic cleanup over the Ovation (M20R). 244 horses pull you along at a book speed of 175kts, but those who've flown it say it regularly does closer to 180kts.  
 Notice the two-blade McCauley prop (the Ovation and Bravo have a three-blade) and the small cooling inlet.  
 Also not how clean the exterior looks with a minimum of drag producing elements.  
 The panel is a work of art. Clean, spacious and a delight to sit behind.  
 The interior is consistent with the other long-body Mooneys. Lots of cargo space, good leg room all around and a cabin wider than a Bonanza, believe it or not. This particular Eagle had the leather interior option, a nice touch.  
 The over head console is used for vent controls (like most Mooneys) as well as for lighting controls.  
 In flight, the panel really shines! Note the digital readouts on all the instrument gauges, as well as the digital fuel/volts/vac detail.  
 The King digital radios are always nice to look at, and not all the panel space to the right. Looks ripe for large color panel of some sort! Note the 183 kt ground speed with a nominal tailwind!  
 It just feels good to fly it! (Photo of me flying courtesty of George Berg who was along for the ride!)  
 After a cruise climbout that rocketed along at around 1,100 fpm, then a short cruise setup, suddently we were over Mankato, MN (MKT), approx. 50 nm south of Flying Cloud (FCM)  








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